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About Us

We are simply Fanatical About Business Solutions, or just FAB Solutions for short. We are located in Dorset, in the United Kingdom. We have been developing business software solutions using Microsoft based development technologies since the year 2000.

FAB Solutions was founded by Steve Griffin in 2000. Steve Griffin has been managing the development of major software and engineering projects since the 1980’s. Steve was project manager for the ‘Redevelopment of the London Stock Exchange Market Floor’, better known as the ‘Big Bang’.

Development of the FAB CRM software application began in the year 2000. The first paying customer came on the very memorable date of 3rd March 2003. 03/03/03. We all remember it well. Since those early days, the company has enjoyed some enjoyable and challenging projects. Customers have included Microsoft, Virgin Media, Marks and Spencer, Bear Stearns (as it was then), Nationwide Building Society along with many other household names.

Today, we sell our software applications and continue to operate our cloud hosting platform and both manage and develop bespoke software solutions for our clients.

We are located in Ferndown, Dorset, United Kingdom. Currently, due the the pandemic, we are working very effectively from home using Microsoft Teams. We have been surprised at how easy the transition has been. Team communication has also improved.