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FAB Products

We have developed and host a diverse range of applications from websites to mobile apps. We host applications on our cloud hosting platform, These applications form part of our revenue income. We also generate revenue from software design and development services.


FAB Customer Relationship Management (FAB CRM) is a complete one-stop solution for managing the relationship with your customer’s. FAB CRM features a powerful email marketing system at it’s core. Developed to accurately identify and send focused emails to thousands of Contacts.

Design and build¬†interactive Customer Journey’s on your own website.¬†Customers can step through intuitive options to build any product or service and pay instantly online.

FAB Invoice

FAB Invoice allows your customer to build estimates, quotes and invoices based on multiple choices and options.

Address Wiki

AddressWiki is a free application website designed to enable users to share information about Addresses to ensure the privacy and misuse of addresses. Users can share the use of Addresses to ensure multiple use of the same address is avoided.

FAB Test

FAB Test let’s you build comprehensive serial and CAN BUS emulators. Any kind of serial connected device can be emulated or tested using simple Powershell scripts. Implementation is simple and easy.